Thursday, March 26, 2009

finally, a job

I got a job today!

Ok, so right now it will only be about six hours a week, until my other class (or rather, one-on-one lesson) starts in a week or two. And it's on Thursday nights and Saturday and Sunday afternoons - not the best schedule. But it is a job. And I won't have to go all the way downtown to teach - the business is about ten minutes from my home. I start this Saturday, and am meeting with the current teacher tomorrow to discuss the student's level and what he's been studying. 

Starting Saturday, I really am a teacher. Odd.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Mom!!

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  1. Congrats Julester! I will call my friend at the American School of Kuwait and tell her you are not available afterall!!
    Hopefully we will see you in September!!
    Aunt Ro