Saturday, August 15, 2009

un día en el campo, part 2

These two men were charlando- across the tables - over a choripan. Classic.

I really wish I could sleep like this...

This guy drew the short straw and was in the cage next to the peacocks.

¡Que rico! Chocolate-covered, dulce de leche filled churros...

Boina? Check. Impressive moustache? Check.

Yes, that's a sheep.

Oh, and I completely forgot to mention another favourite part of the fair - the propinquity of the cows to the parrilla (Argentina BBQ). I tried to capture just how close the live cows were to their less fortunate brethren...

On the left, the parrilla; on the right, the cows. The journey from "field" to plate has never been so short.

The complete bizarre-ness of the scene seemed to be completely lost on the argentinos. Maybe it was just weird for me, a former vegetarian, for people to be eating bife while 10 feet away, this was staring at you:

And yes, I know it's just part of life, the Circle of Life, if you will (cue Mufasa's monologue.) People eat animals. I would even say it's natural. But still, I prefer not to have my meal-in-its-former-life stare at me. Sure, it's just a cow, but I could see it in his eyes - he was judging me. 

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